wtorek, 2 marca 2010

Aussie Introduction

OK. So here I am. Australia, Melbourne, 37° 48' S 144° 57' E.

I'm walking upside down, watching gum trees, cockatoos and I finally decide (or more feel) that it is time for writing a little. For almost six months I'm becoming Aussie Martina, however it could be hard as I realised that I do NOT like VEGEMITE. (No idea what is it? Look below:).

I try to make up for it so let's pretend for a moment that I've been writing regularly. In fact, there are many things to describe after over two weeks in the kangaroos' country. And before I start, let me warn you that there could be lots of English mistakes. I'm sorry for that and I depend on your understanding.

Above all, I must explain why I'm doing that. I don't want to write a personal diary. It'll be more like a traveller notebook where I can write in my personal observations and thoughts on Australian films, culture and history (that's what I've come for to Melbourne). Thoughts of the person who have been fascinated by this country for many years, who's writing about Australian cinema, who, even though read a lot about Australia, is constantly surprised by what she is seeing here. And I hope that you enjoy it as I enjoy my staying in Australia and my notes, chaotic sometimes, will give you information new for you. I hope that you discover Australia as I do. So let's start our great adventure!:)


VEGEMITE - is a dark brown Australian food paste made from yeast extract. It is a spread for sandwiches, toast, crumpets and cracker biscuits, and filling for pastries such as Cheesymite scroll. In fact, childhood in Australia = Vegemite:)

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  1. Ziuteczko,
    Piszę znowu bo nie wiem czy doszło.
    Ty sobie smacznie śpisz a my tu na górze ciężko pracujemy. Cieszę się z twoich relacji z Australii ale do czego to podobne aby rodzona bądź co bądź matka musiał korzystać z translatora języka englisch aby zrozumieć swoją córcię. a może to wreszcie spowoduje, że nie będę symulować nauki tego języka. Buziaczki
    wszyscy czekamy na cdn.
    A może jednak będzie jakaś wersja polisch dla frankojęzycznych ciotek klotek, pa mamcia